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OKR-Forum Special - Part 1 🇬🇧

Francesca Nardocci, Andreea Havrișciuc, Alberto Libretti

Jan 14, 2021

Welcome to this out-of-schedule episode of our Major Outcomes Podcast.

Workpath was one of the hosts of the OKR Forum 2020 in Amsterdam, the biggest OKR Forum in Europe. Following up on this event, we wanted to share some of the discussed topics with our listeners and give you the opportunity to get some exclusive insights on the topics presented and discussed at the forum.

In this first part of our OKR Forum Special, we invited three guests to discuss their opinion on the OKR Forum as well as these topics:

  • The definition of and competences to be an OKR Champion
  • The ways and benefits of creating a great OKR culture in your company
  • The importance and right integration of OKR Check-Ins

Now, who exactly did we discuss these topics with?

Firstly, Francesca Nardocci, founder of TheOpsKitchen She has also joined a new start-up called StepStone Corporate Finance+Secondly, Andreea Havrișciuc, the OKR Program Lead at Metro Systems Romania. She is a Scrum Master, an OKR Champion as well as a Lean Agile Coach.And lastly, Alberto Libretti, a Business Delivery Lead at Ingenico ePayments, where he is managing the relationship of numerous stakeholders and agencies with other projects.

Listen in and enjoy our recap of the OKR Forum 2020!


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