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OKR-Forum Special - Part 2 🇬🇧

Jelmer Koekkoek, Juuso HÀmmalÀinen, Khalil Medina

Jan 28, 2021

Welcome back!

This is the second and last part of our OKR Forum 2020 Special. Once Again, we have prepared an alternative set up. This time we interviewed two speakers individually for just 15 minutes, asking them about their part in the forum, their experiences with OKRs, and their individual success stories.

Who did we invite this time?

First, we talked to Jelmer Koekkoek, a lead “agilist” and Scrum Master at Knab. During his talk, he focused on OKRs and setting up health metrics to simplify the process of drafting OKRs altogether. Listen in from 2:00 to get his exclusive insights on the topic as well as his stories about OKRs at Knab.

Secondly, we talked to Juuso HÀmmalÀinen, founder and CEO of Tangible Growth. During his presentation, he stated, that OKR implementations are likely to fail as long as you see them as OKR implementations. We now asked him to specify this and therefore give you an exclusive peek at what his workshop focused on during the OKR Forum 2020. Listen in from 16:13 to jump to his interview.

He prepared a Transformation Canvas that you can download by following this link 👈

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