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S3E4: How coaches need to make themselves obsolete in order to be successful 🇬🇧

Alper Tonga from Runtastic

Aug 3, 2021

Welcome to our latest episode of the Major Outcomes Podcast.

Today's guest is Alper Tonga, Agility Coach at Adidas Runtastic, who has more than 9 years of experience in organizational transformation. He has helped engineering and non-engineering departments, such as product development, business strategy, infrastructure, operations, purchasing, marketing, and human resources.

In 2016, his experiments on Lean Transformation were awarded second place in the medium-sized enterprise category by the Turkish Ministry of Science.

We have invited Alper, to talk about his experiences in coaching, his definition of the role of an external coach, and his unusual approaches using Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Theory of Antifragility.

Listen in to find out what Hydras, Phoenixes, and "Please Misuse"-Stickers have to do with Alper's point of view.

Here you can find the separate sections of this interview:

(01:29) Alper's way into agile transformation concepts like Kanban, OKRs, and more
(04:32) An exemplary agile transformation Alper led with McKinsey
(08:33) Unexpected challenges - like getting fired twice - Alper faced during his first years as an agile coach
(10:32) Why external catalysts are wasted if there are no internal capacities for sustainable change
(14:29) The Phoenix Moment: Why coaches need to diminish their services in order to be successful
(20:24) A practical approach to Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Theory of Antifragility
(29:54) What's the role of Runtastic in the major context of its parent company Adidas?
(32:52) Our three favorite questions on role models, inspirational quotes, and books

People referred to:

- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

- Simon Wardley

- David J. Anderson

Book recommendations:

- Antifragility by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

- On being Lost by Simon Wardley

- From Contempt to Curiosity by Caitlin Walker

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