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S3E9: Think big, start small, learn fast 🇬🇧

Patrik Olofsson from INGKA - IKEA

Dec 7, 2021

Today's guest is Patrik Olofsson.
Some of you might already know him as he was a speaker at our Workpath Quarterly in June and also as a guest at our OKR Forum in Amsterdam.
He is a certified Scrum Master, and he is Chapter Lead and Vice President, leading the Agile Coaches at INGKA which is a part of the IKEA Group.

Patrik started his career as a developer and architect but over the last 20 years, his passion transitioned to agile transformations, continuous improvement in orgs, and coaching.
He provides new approaches and new ways of working that have brought increased efficiency and profitability to the companies he worked with.

Today we’ll talk about organizational change, OKRs and particularly about scaling and the challenges that arise with it.

Here you can find the separate sections of this interview:

(02:38) How do you start a transformational process?
(07:41) Who should start with the transformation?
(09:43) What is the perfect adoption process for a team?
(13:56) OKRs as an analytics framework.
(18:37) What are the most important roles to make OKRs work?
(21:48) What are the most important building blocks for an "OKR Playbook"?
(25:17) How can you facilitate help to teams?
(27:24) Why is it so difficult to think in outcomes?
(32:08) Our three standard questions

People referred to:
- Barack Obama

Book recommendations:
- Team Topologies by Mathew Skelton and Manuel Pais

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