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S5E4: OKRs and Leadership Style - the 4 most common pitfalls ­čçČ­čçž

Cristina Popa

Mar 9, 2023

In todayÔÇÖs podcast, we talk with Cristina Popa on the role of leadership styles and how they facilitate or hinder transformation programs in the enterprise space. We also touch on the shifts that are needed in the current environment and in order to perform large-scale enterprise transformation projects. Finally, we ┬ádiscuss the role of OKRs - as they are used in these projects and how OKRs relate to the leadership styles.

Cristina joined the consultancy in 2015 and was the first female partner. During this intense period, she has dedicated herself to business psychology and led digitization projects in the energy transition.

Currently, in addition to her role as partner at, sheÔÇÖs also the CEO at the tech startup Contractuo - which helps companies streamline and automate their contract management processes.

With the prevailing tiredness of digitization, Germany is making a mockery of the global economy. We should finally discard sluggishness based on our ego, ignorance or fear! This is the conclusion Cristina draws after 17 years of professional experience in numerous companies. She has identified a pattern that distinguishes successful companies from others. The most important factor here is a differentiated view of human behavior. For Cristina, psychology and digitization go hand in hand in todayÔÇśs world. Companies need to recognize their own wasteful behavior in order to use valuable energies and resources more wisely.

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