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S5E5: Robust Leadership 🇬🇧

Dr. Felix von Held from IICM

Mar 1, 2023

“Organizations were readjusting in the past 3 years - from Covid-19 to the economic crunch. But now we are in a period when we need to start implementing. And realizing that when you’re adapting on the leadership level - how do we get people on board? How do we get them engaged? I think leaders realize that Outcome Management is key to be successful.” - Felix von Held

In today's podcast with Dr. Felix von Held we talk about robust leadership. Robust leadership highlights organizational and leadership capabilities that see change and uncertainty as opportunity and chance.

We dig deeper into the robust leadership survey, and Felix shares that the biggest challenge to embrace change and adapt fast are oftentimes tensions. Tensions for instance between stability and agility as well as balancing strategy and culture. We discuss that specifically with regards to strategy development, this process and its implementation cannot happen without proper change management. Leaders need to thus enhance skills that combine providing strategy and stability while also balancing out a participative approach and opportunities to adapt quickly.

We conclude that these skills are vital in the context of thinking in outcomes. If we plan and execute on outcomes, we need to be able to adapt quickly without losing our culture and employees while doing so.

Dr. Felix von Held is one of the founders of the Institute for Innovation and Change Methodology (IICM) in Munich. In his work as a consultant and coach, he focuses on innovation and leadership in the context of transformation in the fields of digitalization, sustainability and new work.

In the last 14 years, he has worked globally in more than 10 industries and over 100 innovation and transformation projects. Before founding the IICM, Felix worked in innovation management and strategic change management at the BMW Group.

Since 2008, he has been teaching at the Center of Digital Technology Management in Munich as well as at the ESB in Reutlingen and the University of Zurich. In his doctoral thesis at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy at the University of Regensburg, Dr. Felix von Held focused on the topic of "Collective Creativity" as part of organizational learning.

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