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The Workpath Community connects professionals who are eager to improve the way their teams and organizations work. You will not just find open conversations and networking opportunities but also great content on strategy execution and collaboration with OKRs, new leadership and agile organization.

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Learn from each other

Learn with experts and practitioners from all types of industries and organizations. Benefit from their practical learning experiences, get to know their best practices and support others with your expertise.

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Connect with peers and experts

Find like-minded experts who are on a similar mission or mentors to accompany you on your journey. Explore the global network for the future of work.

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Access valuable content

From whitepapers, guides and templates to short  videos – enjoy a broad range of content in the community. Download enablement materials that allow you to kick-start an OKR process or similar initiatives.

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Meet and exchange online … but also offline

Connecting online is great. However, to build trustful relationships and to intensively work on current challenges, meeting in person can help. The community events regularly provide opportunities for that.

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WORKPATH community

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Are you ready to learn, connect and get access to high-quality content? Become a contributor and join the global community to shape the future of work in your organization.

OKR community
“I am a firm believer in OKRs. I hope to learn from you as I want to share my own experiences with you. So please don’t hesitate to approach me”
Workpath Community
“Learning never stops and I am happy to share my knowledge in the Workpath community and to learn from you.”
OKR community
“Let’s join forces to implement OKRs in our companies and make them future-proof.”
OKR community
“Just finishing John Doerr’s book right now and looking to learn more to help my team have a greater sense of purpose and achievement.”