Workpath is the Enterprise Outcome Management platform

Fight uncertainty and disruptions with
alignment and transparency along the
supply chain

  • Reduce costs by avoiding double work
  • Make your internal processes as efficient as possible
  • Stop running from one fire to the next one

The Enterprise strategy execution solution that helps you to reach your efficiency goals without risk and double work.

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The challenges for today’s logistics organizations

Efficiency has always been the goal. But in these times of
economic downturn it’s a real deal breaker.

The events of 2022 have disrupted the entire supply chain. Cost spiked making the inefficiencies across the processes
more evident and more damaging.

Fire fighting problems

Before one issue is resolved, many times the next disruption is already around the corner. This makes it fairly impossible for you in a global logistics organization to focus on the execution of a long-term strategy. Instead, you are only running from one burning fire to the next one.

Complexity and misalignment

The complexity in the logistics industry is immense. This makes it even harder for you to align the teams and reduce the distance between the different players along the supply chain.

Competitive pressure

Pressure is rising. Industry consolidation, new entrants, new business models and increased customer expectations drive it. Inflation and energy prices only make things worse.

Missing transparency across business units result in double work and wasted resources.

With Workpath's goal and KPI cascading functionalities you get transparency across teams. And you can track how and where resources have the most impact.

Now teams move fast on the same priorities, reduce waste and help you drive down costs.

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Make your internal processes as efficient as possible in order to fend off external disruptions

Logistics is a challenging business. Most enterprises struggle to adapt fast to market disruptions. Missed efficiency goals are almost inevitable.

Using Workpath Enterprise Outcome Management platform, logistics enterprises reveal risks and blockers quickly. This enables you to achieve your numbers faster and with less risk.

Now, all teams are empowered to work on the same priorities and execute with speed, helping you to move towards your goals.

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Stop running from one fire to the next one and start focusing on executing a global strategy instead

Are your teams feeling like they are fighting one fire after another - without having the time and resources to really focus?

Using Workpath, you can enable your teams to know how their work contributes to the most important outcomes.

Now, your strategy is not just textbook strategy, but the guiding principle in their day-to-day work.

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Avoid double work and leverage synergies between different teams and business units along the supply chain

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