Outcome Management with OKRs in Pharma

Having to do more with less - in one of the most complex market environments?

Budgets have been cut, blockbuster patents are about to expire and the drug pipeline doesn’t look too great either. OKRs and Outcome Management can help you navigate these times of transformation, speed up your goal achievement process and reduce the resources that are wasted on projects that do not drive your strategy.


“If Pharma companies don’t act now and become more agile in their ways of working, the risk is very high that they will turn into siloed, slow-moving mammoth organizations.“

We interviewed a Pharma expert on the effects of the economic downturn on Pharma companies and their strategy execution.

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Outcome Management applied to Pharma

Connect and engage all teams and their strategic priorities - including support functions

As a Pharma company, you can benefit greatly from an OKR and Outcome Management solution.
By restructuring your strategy execution process, you'll be able to address the industry's most pressing challenges and outperform your competition:


Increase efficiency through more focus

OKRs help to prioritize and keep focused on the most important strategic topics - even in times of turmoil and transformation in the industry. You can easily track where resources have the biggest impact on your strategy.

All teams work towards the same strategic priorities and boost organizational efficiency by reducing waste.

Find out how to unlock efficiency with the help of Outcome Management and OKRs

Talent shortage

Retain talent by engaging your teams more

A clear visualization of goals, responsibilities and contribution from other teams helps to drive ownership - and ultimately also motivation.

Employees know exactly what’s the purpose behind their daily work and how it pays into the most important business outcomes.

Explore how to encourage employee accountability  

Rigid complexity

Break down silos across all business units and support functions

By connecting your goals across all teams around the globe with OKRs - including support functions outside of R&D - you can reach a new level of transparency and alignment.

Your teams are empowered to work in a more agile and cross-functional way and are not blocked by a lack of alignment and collaboration.

Find out how to avoid the hidden costs of missing alignment in your Pharma company


Leading enterprises across all industries - including Pharma and healthcare - are already using OKRs and Workpath
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The moment we realized 'wow, this is working' was when product teams started using Workpath in their weekly catch up meetings.

Former Strategy Director & Head of Ethics at Koa Health


How does Workpath support Pharma companies with their OKR process?

OKRs are great for Pharma companies to reach your strategic goals faster, with less resources and lower risk.

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It can be challenging to implement OKRs - without a dedicated tool. The Workpath platform ensures clear goals and integrates with your adjacent steering processes - to continuously organize all data and teams around shared business outcomes.

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Learn more about the Analytics Suite

The Workpath Analytics Suite helps you monitor your strategy execution and OKR process from every angle to make timely course corrections and reduce the risk of not achieving your goals.

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