Workpath is the Enterprise Outcome Management platform

Stay ahead of the effects of the economic
downturn and reach a whole new level of
efficiency in your Pharma organization

  • Reach your cost-savings and efficiency goals with less risk
  • Boost collaboration across all business units and support functions
  • Bounce back towards growth with energized teams after reorganizations and big shifts

The Enterprise strategy execution solution that transforms your Pharma organization towards outcomes and efficiency, without risk and without teams working in silos.

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The challenges for today’s pharma organizations

Efficiency has always been the goal. But in times of economic
downturn and fierce competition it’s a real deal breaker.

The inflationary pressure does not spare the pharma and life science industry. Cost spiked making the inefficiencies across
the processes more evident and more damaging.

The pressure is on

As inflation continues to rise, governments are trying to decrease public health care costs. At the same time, labor, raw materials and transportation are getting more expensive. Cost-cutting here and there is not enough anymore to make your numbers.

Teams and business units work
in rigid silos

Several business units, remote workers, R&D teams spread around the globe - all this brings a new level of complexity and lack of transparency. Duplicate work and mis-matched priorities are preventing you from reaching your efficiency goals.

Employee disengagement
 and missing focus

Patents expire, business units get restructured - and your employees become more disengaged with the company. Reorganizations are necessary but also put the company growth at risk as the focus on strategic priorities gets lost.

Jasper Kunow - MSD
Managing Director Central Eastern Europe

You’ve set high efficiency targets for your business but reaching them seems hard. Rising costs, unengaged teams and missing alignment make it difficult to progress towards your goals.

Using Workpath Enterprise Outcome Management platform, you decrease the risk of not making your numbers. We help you depict how each team is progressing towards the goals.

Now, all teams are empowered to work on the same priorities while front-line insights contribute to your strategic goals. This way, you can course-correct fast and adapt to changing market conditions.

Overcome the industry cost pressure and reach your efficiency goals with less risk

The focus has always been on R&D and sales. That's the core of the business. So other supporting functions are often left out of focus, with core pockets of value to find.

Using Workpath, you can ensure that your support processes are efficient and that teams are not blocked by a lack of alignment and collaboration.

Now, all your teams and business units work towards the same goals and duplicate work is removed.

Avoid double work and leverage synergies across all business units and support functions

Say a patent expires. In this case, business units are restructured and sales and marketing expenses are typically cut. It's easy for these employees to become disengaged while waiting for new goals.

With Workpath, you can set challenging goals, cascade them down, and track resource allocation as well as their execution. Thus, every team member is engaged, ultimately helping you steer the company fast.

Bounce back towards growth faster and with energized teams after patents expired

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